Sara and Roberta co-founded Wegiveit in 2015 as a unique video platform helping businesses, individuals and charities to find alternative ways to support a cause close to their hearts.

Soon we understood that there was a gap in the market; charities needed help navigating the digital transformation and businesses needed advice on how to incorporate their sustainable side into their overall marketing and business strategy.

All businesses are unique and require different cause marketing programmes to fit in with their core purpose.  As a boutique digital consultancy, we excel at offering professional marketing advice that’s tailored entirely to your Brand Purpose. Digitalisation and sustainability need to go together and require time and planning. We can help you make your brand message stronger, improving your online presence through powerful storytelling.

 We believe that nowadays, every business should have sustainability at its core and integrated into its marketing strategy. We help businesses and charities to show and share their online ethical journey. 

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Sara Mirone
Roberta Zaccaria

Roberta Zaccaria