#mycharity campaign

When we built Wegiveit, our aim was to find a way of curating charities and presenting their best work to people who could support them.

Over the course of the last six months, we’ve worked closely with a wide variety of different charities, each possessing a unique way of communicating with their followers, donators and most importantly, those affected by the causes.

Our video platform generates brand new donations for charities and gives them a chance to share their best videos and let the message of their cause be heard. We’ve made it simple to sign up and join our platform through our website or our free app. 

Video views on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all point back to the site so users can create an account and watch as many different videos as they like, knowing that each minute viewed generates real cash for their chosen charity. Money is generated from advertisers who reach an audience that is passionate and emotionally engaged about the content they view.

The next step in our plan is to open up the platform to new video content and encourage users, brands, and charities to post videos that they feel should be shared. In our vision this will create a free digital space that can be known as the place to view content with a charitable donation. Think of it like Netflix for charity where viewing the bank of videos and hence contributing to charity is free for the user! 

Our new campaign, My Charity, is about giving reason and purpose to supporters of charities to share why they support a specific charity and what their work means to them. Supporting a certain cause is a very emotive subject that is completely different to every person, so using the #mycharity hashtag provides reach and depth to people’s emotions and ultimately fund meaningful contributions back to the charity.

We are supporting this campaign with a new way of increasing video views on Youtube for advertisers. Our initial trial has seen some amazing viewing growth, which when you are talking about tens or hundreds of thousands of views, this adds up to engagement that has not seen before.

Please do contact us to find out how you can be involved at hello@wegiveit.co.uk